EFF Fairfax Computer Clubhouses Video Showcase at Microsoft Tysons Corner

The Equal Footing Foundation’s (EFF) Fairfax County Computer Clubhouses will screen 12 short videos and public service announcements as part of the Adobe Youth Voices “Create with Purpose” program at the Microsoft retail store in Tysons Corner on March 3.

The screenings are part of an ongoing Adobe Youth Voices program launched in 2006 to create a media platform where youth around the world can voice their opinions. In 2010, the six Fairfax County EFF Clubhouses were awarded an Adobe grant for $100,000 worth of software and video-making equipment. The grant merges technical skills and creative thought to help Clubhouse students give voice to concerns in the community.

Each Clubhouse will present specific videos with themes that resonate with youth and shed light on issues that impact themselves and their communities. The projects include: “Best Friends,” “Happy Feet,” “Inspiration,” “Conversations with Ourselves” and “Crossing Paths.” Clubhouse managers and Clubhouse production teams will be onsite to answer questions.

EFF would like to thank NVTC member companies, especially Adobe and Microsoft, for their continued support in our local community.

March 3, 2012

Noon – 2 p.m.

Microsoft Store
Tysons Corner Center
McLean, VA