Herman Cain Talks Presidential Campaign, Technology and the U.S. Economy at NVTC Presidential Series

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain addressed about 350 technology business leaders on Wednesday, November 2, morning at The Ritz-Carlton, Tysons Corner as part of the NVTC Presidential Series, co-hosted by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). In his speech, Cain touched on the status of his presidential campaign, the technology industry and the economy, which he labeled “our nation’s biggest challenge.”

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain addressing about 350 attendees on Wednesday.
Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain addressing about 350 attendees on Wednesday.

Cain, who began his career in the technology sector, highlighted the importance of technology to the U.S. economy, asserting that, “Technology is increasingly impacting the way we live our lives … to say that technology is a driving force in our nation is an understatement.” He continued, stating, “You don’t need to be on the cutting edge of technology, but … you need to be on the blade somewhere.”

Addressing foreign policy, Cain stated that his philosophy builds on Ronald Reagan’s strategy of “peace through strength.” America should promote peace through “strength and clarity,” according to Cain. He also explained how, rather than cut defense spending, he would make strategic investments, particularly in technology, in order to strengthen the country’s military and global standing.

Turning to the economy, which his believes is on life support, Cain argued that the business sector is “the engine of economic growth” and that “we need to put fuel in the engine to grow the economy.” Describing America’s entrepreneurial spirit as the best in the world, he explained how his economic plan, including his 9-9-9 tax proposal, would empower businesses to grow and create jobs in order to keep America competitive.

Cain closed his remarks by describing how he would lead and tackle the nation’s challenges as president. Unlike politicians who “introduce legislation they think will pass,” as a businessman, he intends to propose ideas to fix problems and address problems at the source. Cain also stated that, should he become president, more than half of his cabinet and top officials would come from the business community.

After his remarks, Cain took questions from the technology community audience. He addressed America’s relationship with China, sharing how he believes America can compete by outgrowing China economically. He also intends to reach out to moderates in order to win the election should he become the Republican nominee. Responding to a question about how he can appeal to moderate voters, Cain explained that bold solutions resonate with many moderates, concluding by stating “a good solution transcends political ideology.”

NVTC and CEA have extended invitations to President Barack Obama, Gov. Mitt Romney and Gov. Rick Perry to address the region's technology community as part of the Presidential Series. Gov. Romney has accepted and is expected to speak at an event in early 2012.