Thirty-Seven NVTC Members Attend White House Federal IT Forum

On Wednesday, April 27, U.S. Chief Performance Officer and OMB Deputy Director for Management Jeff Zients and U.S. Chief Information Officer Vivek Kundra hosted a briefing at the White House to discuss how the Administration is delivering on the IT reforms outlined in the 25-Point Implementation Plan to change the way the federal government uses IT, to save money and to deliver better service. NVTC Board Members Michael Bradshaw of Google, Enrico Della Corna of PNC Bank, Bob Dinkel of Pierce Capital Partners LLC, David Lucien of DCL Associates, Lisa Martin of LeapFrog Solutions Inc., George Newstrom of Lee Technologies and Gary Pan of Panacea Consulting Inc., as well as 30 additional NVTC members, attended the meeting along with Federal CIO Council members, government officials and other industry leaders.

The federal government is behind the private sector in realizing productivity gains from its IT investments, according to Zients, who argues that this gives the federal government a "late-mover advantage" of learning what has and has not worked in other sectors. He outlined the government's plans to shift to self-service technology to lower costs and increase customer service and to streamline and consolidate some of the government's 20,000 websites.

Kundra's presentation included an update on the 25-Point Implementation Plan, which was introduced December 2010. Federal IT officials have already begun a number of efforts to improve federal computer systems, including a shift to cloud offerings, particularly for email and collaboration, streamlining governance and improving accountability, and data center consolidations.

At an NVTC Board meeting in March, Kundra detailed the government's plan to shut down more than 800 data centers. On Wednesday, Kundra shared that 38 data centers have already been shut down and the government plans to close an additional 98 by the end of 2011. Kundra concluded by outlining next steps in the government's 25-Point Implementation Plan.