NVTC Members Participate in HHS Healthcare Technology Summit

Yesterday, in an event sponsored by Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), more than 50 NVTC members participated in a discussion of how technology and innovation can improve healthcare outcomes. The event was part of the Obama Administration's "DC-to-VC" Summits on Investing in Healthcare Technology, which are designed to bring together federal leadership and venture capitalists, innovators and entrepreneurs to address opportunities to improve our country's health through better, more efficient care delivery.

During yesterday's event, Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Chief Technology Officer Todd Park led a discussion on how to unleash the power of IT and innovation to improve health care, in part by shifting incentives to a value-based healthcare structure from the current volume-based structure. Park explained that innovation — including data mining and analytics, healthcare integration tools, technology to extend physician reach and customer engagement apps and platforms — is necessary to accomplish this goal.

Park promoted HHS' Community Health Data Initiative, which is publishing large amounts of data related to community health, insurance products and pricing, clinical providers, consumer products and government spending. He also described HHS' latest endeavor to improve healthcare data liquidity and transparency, http://health.data.gov. Launching today, the site offers a universal catalog of government-supplied healthcare datasets and APIs, as well as an apps expo, online community and an additional catalog of non-federal healthcare information.

In addition to the new site, HHS is supporting challenges, code-a-thons and health data camps to encourage the private sector to develop healthcare tools and applications using newly opened government data sets. More information about these challenges is available at www.health2challenge.org.