Deltek Donates Backpacks and School Supplies to EFF Clubhouses

On Friday December 3, the Equal Footing Foundation (EFF) received 150 backpacks as part of Deltek's worldwide charitable initiative. The enterprise software provider's event showcased various charities in each region in which the company has a corporate office. In the Herndon region, EFF was one of six local charities representing Deltek's four areas of corporate philanthropy: helping advance IT to underserved communities, helping the homeless with meals and heart-healthy food, helping kids with cancer and helping abandoned animals.

Deltek's Herndon employees stuffed 150 backpacks with school supplies, dictionaries and other items needed to help EFF's Computer Clubhouse students excel in school. In addition to the supplies, Deltek employees wrote personal notes to Clubhouse students to help inspire them to succeed in life, studies and school. EFF and the Clubhouse managers distributed the backpacks during the last week of school this past December.

Some of the EFF Clubhouse students who received
backpacks this past December.
Colleen Hahn, president/executive director for EFF, would like to thank NVTC Board member and Deltek CEO Kevin Parker, EFF Board member Holly Kortright of Deltek, and the Deltek Cares Team for putting together such a meaningful event!