PSC President and CEO David Berteau Addresses NVTC Board

Professional Services Council (PSC) President and CEO David Berteau participated in a meeting of the NVTC Board of Directors on Tuesday, September 13 at the Inova Center for Personalized Health in Falls Church.

Berteau shared his views on how to bring innovation to government, referencing the goal of making “government smarter tomorrow than it is today.” He discussed trends in R&D spending as well as barriers to entry in contracting, including restrictive requirements set by government agencies and long-range funding cycles. Addressing the growing awareness of the need for change in how government contracts for technology services, Berteau credited the role of contractors in identifying and delivering opportunities for innovation to their government customers and broader recognition that, without changes to support government innovation, the United States will lose some of its global competitiveness. He argued that we need users’ voices to be heard in the contracting process and that the focus should shift to outcomes and results.

Following his remarks, Berteau answered questions from Board members in which he shared his insights on scaling innovation that already exists in certain pockets of government, how to promote the government as a good testing ground for new ideas and products, and how to engage with the presidential transition team and the new administration on the need for innovation in government. He also highlighted why he thinks our region will continue to have the edge in winning government business, particularly because companies here can tap a globally competitive workforce, have specialized understanding of the government customer and its end users, and have a focus on public service.

Berteau Addresses NVTC Board

Professional Services Council President and CEO David Berteau addresses the NVTC Board on Sept. 13.