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HR & Benefits Committee Meeting

Presented by HR & Benefits Committee

April 20, 2017

Topic: Active Shooter Management: A Comprehensive Seminar

Join the HR and Benefits Committee for a unique seminar on workplace preparedness that will teach organizations how to prepare for and manage an active shooter incident.

Joe Labrozzi, CSO, Lowers Risk Group

Seminar topics include:

  • Research and data profiling the active shooter
  • Best practices policies and procedures
  • How to respond to an active shooter in your vicinity
  • Staff training
  • How to respond to law enforcement when it arrives
  • Life-saving tactics, techniques and drill exercises
  • And much more

Upper management, risk management, education, insurance, or property management can benefit from this seminar as it provides critical piece of a risk management plan that your organization might not have.


2214 Rock Hill Rd.
Herndon, VA