Entrepreneur Spotlight Event

April 21, 2010

AlphaDetect — AlphaDetect protects critical data and internal networks against zero-day, drive-by download malware threats that compromise enterprise and consumer information. Client-side attacks, largely delivered through web browsers, are a serious and a growing cyber security threat. Millions of web sites are infected each year because attackers find a way to load malicious code onto legitimate sites, creating attack pages. AlphaDetect's Zero-Day Detection (ZD2) technology protects enterprise clients from new and previously undetectable exploits lurking on compromised websites. Unlike traditional anti-virus and anti-malware products, ZD2 proactively detects and blocks these cutting-edge malware exploits protecting corporate networks, data and users from client-side application attacks. Detecting both known and previously unknown malware - without reliance on dated signatures or blacklists - ZD2 provides a dramatic advance in cyber security.

CYNCZ — For individual and business subscribers, CYNCZ solves the nightmare of managing multiple address books and contact data sources by providing an "automatic self-updating" address book aggregating all contact data sources, including emails (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Live, etc.), CRM (Salesforce, Dynamics etc.), mobile phones (Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Phone, etc.) and social networking sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), and helps subscribers access the most up-to-date contact data on any device, at any time. CYNCZ also provides "VAR / OEM ready", "cross platform" Web Service API as a White-Label "automatic" address book aggregation, consolidation and "two-way" synchronization Service.

FitFeud — FitFeud is an online fitness competition platform that allows companies to easily implement and track weight loss and fitness competitions amongst their employees. FitFeud harnesses peoples' natural competitive drive as a motivational tool to help them achieve weight loss and fitness goals and enables companies to reduce healthcare costs and increase productivity. Competition = motivation. Motivation = success.

Keen Guides — Keen Guides is a startup that uses a combination of mobile, online, and social media tools to create and distribute informative multi-media experiences at tourist destinations. Keen Guides provides a platform that allows for people to enjoy a custom tour from their smartphone, based on their location and their interests. A user has the opportunity to view free videos, get a customized tour "bundle" for a nominal fee, and/or have access to all tour packages and videos through a day pass subscription.

Twiigg — Your information is everywhere. More and more of us are leveraging the internet through social networks and life-streaming services that a backup of your hard drive is not enough to protect everything you share - after all not everything lives on a physical device. Welcome to Twiigg - your Cloud Information Dashboard to manage, store and protect all your data sharing experiences from one place. You can finally protect Facebook profiles, your emails, blogs and tweets from accidental deletion, infection and even termination of service from our easy to use dashboard. Not sure how you will move all those things your have shared to the next big thing in social media. With Twiigg you get the easy button to migrate your data from one provider to the next, we can even segment your backups so that you can finally separate your working world from your personal life all from one place.