Up Close & Personal with the NVTC Board of Directors

Up Close & Personal with:
Gary Shapiro

Honorary Member, NVTC Board of Directors
President and CEO, Consumer Electronics Association

NVTC Member Since:

Favorite NVTC Memory:
I enjoy so many things NVTC does: The big gala dinners, the mixers at Bobbie Kilberg's home and the breakfasts with the great speakers.

Value of NVTC Membership Is:
Huge! NVTC attracts the top business leaders in the region, and you can get to know them easily. More, as an advocate for technology and the region, NVTC is best of its class.

CEA is "green" because:
We promote telework, we have a special benefit incentivizing employees to live close [to the office], we subsidize Metro, we have the largest event in the nation (the International CES) and we are making it green — plus our members' products are allowing telework, remote sensing, Internet access and linked communication anywhere, anytime. Plus our members have sold most of the 2 billion products with the EPA ENERGY STAR® label.

Today's breakfast includes:
Melon and toast with peanut butter.

"Routine" Work Day Includes:
Working to make something happen and make a difference. Being a CEO means focusing on the big picture, people and partners. Avoiding the barrage of e-mails, minutiae and immediate issues is a challenge. Every day I want to do something positive, create something, and reach at least two people I have not touched in a while. When in town, I do the 5:15 p.m. "boot camp" we have at our office with other interested employees. Then I shower and go to a dinner or I stay in the office and work until late.

If I wasn't working at CEA, I would be:
Speaking, writing and advising companies on strategy.

When I was a kid I dreamed of being:
Running things. I think I can make anything run better. I wanted to transform Greyhound (because I was frustrated using their buses). I wanted to run Amtrak (same). Whatever I see close up — if it isn't a great experience — I want to run it. That's how I took over managing the Jones Beach Theater restaurant and its 100 employees at age 19.

Proudest Accomplishment (professional or otherwise):
Professionally, guiding industries and governments on the launch of HDTV and successfully fighting content industries to ensure they did not block new time-shifting and place-shifting technologies. Also building International CES to a world-dominant event and introducing an innovative culture to our organization. Personally, I am proud of my wife and sons.

Three adjectives that best describe you:
Driven. Creative. Confident.

Suit, khakis or jeans:
Suits mostly. Jeans otherwise.

PC or Mac?

Blackberry or Treo?

Technology you CAN'T live without:
Must I choose among my children?

Technology you CAN live without:

Last book you read:
Obama's The Audacity of Hope

Favorite Movie of All Time:
Groundhog Day. It shows the possibilities of an ordinary day.

Top Vacation Destination:
Anywhere my wife is.

Car I drive:
BMW 325

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