Communication & Business Development Workshop

Presented by NVTC’s  Business Development, Marketing and Sales Committee

Join us in a fantastic and highly-engaging executive workshop by Keith Scott and Rebecca Klein Scott, founders of  TALLsmall Productions. The workshop will consist of two parts: the first one aimed at improving our public and interpersonal communication skills and the second part focused on strategic tactics to network effectively and capture business.

Part 1: Communicate with Charisma and Clarity: The fastest way to become a more effective communicator — whether standing in front of a crowd or with one person in a meeting— is purge the filler words (ah, um, like, you know, so....), to ditch other weak doormat phrases and to harness stronger body language. Body language is up to 70% of communication. We will take part in a series of entertaining games designed to strengthen our communication. Caution: Results are Immediate.

Part 2: Networking to Get Noticed: Let's face it. Most elevator introductions sound robotic or at best, website copy. Leave with a standout, authentic elevator introduction that is built from what drives each person in life.  These intros are not memorized scripts, but will include keywords (specific to each person) that become the GPS points to navigate when delivering an introduction.  Plus learn what words and body language create a winning first impression.

Keith Scott
Rebecca Klein Scott

About the Company:
TALLsmall Productions
leads communications training workshops around the country,  for such clients as Coldwell Banker, Paypal, Toyota, and Baltimore County Public Schools on public speaking, communicating with clarity, networking to get noticed and body language,  This duo launched in 2014 and frequently make TV appearances, weighing in on the impact of communication in politics, news and daily life.  They give back to the community by emceeing fundraising galas and leading pro-bono workshops. And, yes, the company name is a nod to their heights. 

Parking in the garage (free for first 2 hours).
Light lunch will be served. 
Pre-registration is requested.

Sponsor: TriVision 
Hospitality Sponsor: 
Fairfax County Economic Development Authority
Location Sponsor: BDO

3/4/2020 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
BDO 8401 Greensboro Dr. 1st Floor - Conference Room McLean, VA 22102 United States

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