Health Technology Committee Panel Discussion

"Discussion panel on the Cyber Security threats in the world of Medical Devices" 


We will be assembling a panel of Thought Leaders in the field of Health IT and Cyber Security to discuss and debate the latest trends and concerns surrounding the issues of data security and safety for connected medical devices. The panel to include 4 panelists with a varied expertise in their field, that can share stories and issues they have had to deal with in the field of Health IT. The issues should include concerns about bad actors accessing a device to cause harm to the user, as well as measures to take to securitize and privatize data from medical devices.

Richard Robinson, Founder & CEO, Cynash
Stephanie Frilling, Principal, Medicare and Medicaid Policy, LMI Young Bang, Chief Growth Officer and Executive Vice President of Digital at Atlas Research, Atlas Research
Jim Lynch, Senior Advisor- Mobile Health (mHealth) Effort, Big Sky Innovation Group


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2/12/2020 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
The Concourse Building 1593 Spring Hill Road Conference Center 1st Floor Vienna 22182

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