2022 NVTC Techtopia Map

Celebrating Innovation in the National Capital Region

NVTC is proud to recognize nearly 100 member companies with a spot on this year’s Techtopia Map.

The NVTC Techtopia Map celebrates innovators and leaders in our region’s thriving tech hub. Representing global tech companies, start-ups, service providers, and academic institutions, our region is home to a diverse and vibrant community that is vital to our nation’s leadership position in technology and innovation.

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To request a poster-size copy of the map, please contact supton@nvtc.org

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As one of the nation’s largest tech councils, NVTC’s 400+ member companies benefit from peer-to-peer communities of interest, networking and educational events to help accelerate their businesses and develop their people.

NVTC members are committed to collaborating to ensure our region’s technology community remains accessible for all, vital, and vibrant for decades to come. To learn more about joining NVTC, contact Steve Upton at supton@nvtc.org

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