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Kauffman FastTrac® TechVenture™

Entrepreneurship Training Program Brought to You by The Entrepreneur Center @NVTC

Fall 2015 Program: September 15, 2015 - November 17, 2015
Application Deadline for Fall 2015 Program - August 7, 2015

Tuesdays, 6:00 - 9:00 pm

Tysons Corner, VA

NVTC members - $550 per person / Non-members - $650 per person
There is no application fee.


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About FastTrac® TechVenture™

FastTrac® TechVenture™ is a comprehensive business planning program that addresses the needs of start-up entrepreneurs who are refining their business ideas, writing their business plans and seeking to grow sustainable high-impact companies. The program combines instruction from experienced business professionals, one-on-one business mentoring, peer learning, and ample tools to help entrepreneurs produce all the elements of an effective business. After completing the program, entrepreneurs walk away with a detailed business plan and executive summary presentation, and a strong understanding of how to finance a company.

  • Week 1: Exploring Entrepreneurship
  • Week 2: Understanding Customer Development and the Business Model
  • Week 3: Conducting Market Research and Analysis
  • Week 4: Testing Your Business Concept
  • Week 5: Entering and Capturing the Market
  • Week 6: Planning for Financial Success
  • Week 7: Building and Compensating Your Organizational Team
  • Week 8: Protecting the Business and Your Intellectual Property
  • Week 9: Identifying Funding and Working with Investors
  • Week 10: Managing Cash and Operating Your Business
  • Graduation - Date TBD
Past Coaches and Guest Speakers have included:
Trish Barber, Ed Barrientos, John Burton, Kathy Clark, Ken Chow, Duke Chung, Chuck Cullen, Mike Devine, Hooks Johnston, Ron Kaiser, Eric Koefoot, Matt Koll, Nick Lantuh, John May, Steve Meltzer, Hooman Radfar and Tim O'Shaughnessy.

Building a technology-based venture

FastTrac® TechVenture™ provides the tools participants need to advance their technology venture to the next stage of business, whether moving beyond the start-up stage or seeking the last round of financing before going public. The program helps participants to reevaluate feasibility, identify target markets and create a business plan to communicate the opportunity to investors.

The aspiring or experienced FastTrac® TechVenture™ entrepreneur is in the field of technology or life sciences and is:
  • Developing and marketing technology,
  • Developing technology that enables a non-technology business, or
  • Developing biotechnology and life sciences products or services.

Features and Benefits

After completing the program, FastTrac® TechVenture™ participants have:
  • Evaluated and improved a business concept.
  • Developed and effectively communicated-via elevator pitches, business plans, and investor presentations-their:
    • Market opportunities,
    • Business strategies,
    • Value propositions,
    • Financial models, and
    • Validity as an investment opportunity from equity and/or other capital sources.
  • Built a valuable network of entrepreneurial peers and important mentor relationships.


The NVTC FastTrac® program is an exceptional opportunity and resource for entrepreneurs to accelerate their businesses. Participants have great access to expertise from a network of coaches and speakers that include seasoned entrepreneurs, lawyers, accountants and investors. The ten week program is a thoughtful balance of independent online coursework with weekly coaching sessions that cover all facets of business. The program also offers an invaluable community for all the participants to engage with their fellow entrepreneurs.
- Archana Jaiswal, funseek.com, Fall 2013 participant

The NVTC FastTrac® program is an extremely valuable resource for any entrepreneur looking to start a high-value business. Each week, participants have an opportunity to meet with experienced entrepreneurs that have "been there, done that." The curriculum and one-on-one meetings have been invaluable. I highly encourage others to apply for this program.
- David Shives, XplorePaks LLC, Fall 2013 participant

NVTC's FastTrac® TechVenture™ program taught me that all my hard work and sacrifice were headed in the right direction. It gave me the confidence to ask potential investors for the kind of financing that I knew we needed to reach our goal. I'm happy to say that, thanks in part to NVTC and the FastTrac coaches, my company has just closed more than $2 million in Series AA financing.
- Tom Matzzie, Ethical Electric, Spring 2012 participant

The NVTC FastTrac® TechVenture™ program was a huge training ground for us, where we established long-lasting mentor relationships, secured investment and connected with needed expertise in the community. The learning readied us for the National Cleantech Open competition, where we were selected as the regional Mid-Atlantic finalist. We would not have been prepared without that foundation!
- Karen Sorber, Micronic Technologies, Spring 2012 participant

The NVTC FastTrac® TechVenture™ program far exceeded my already elevated expectations. Having access to a room full of experienced and successful business people, new and energetic entrepreneurs, and amazing guest speakers on a weekly basis is an invaluable resource.
- Jesse Cathell, LootNewt, Fall 2011 participant

What has impressed me the most about the FastTrac program is the staggering amount of knowledge, experience and wisdom brought to the table by the speakers, coaches and participants. The coaches are particularly impressive. For emerging companies, having access to serial entrepreneurs, attorneys, CEOs and financial experts is hugely valuable.
- John Reeves, gangbox.com, Spring 2011 participant

The NVTC FastTrac® TechVenture™ program is an invaluable experience for entrepreneurs starting or thinking about starting a new business venture. The opportunity to collaborate extensively with other entrepreneurs -- both the students and the coaches -- gave us the insight and feedback we needed to get our company on the right footing to take the market by storm!
- Steve Markmann, Counterpoint Consulting, Fall 2009 participant

As a first-time technology entrepreneur, the FastTrac® program was extremely valuable to me and my entire team.
- Nicholas Tolson, FitFeud, Fall 2009 participant

In addition to helping entrepreneurs make tremendous progress in clarifying their business concept and making it to the next level, the program also integrates new entrepreneurs into the regional support environment. This factor is so important, since entrepreneurs thrive best as part of a community.
- Matt Koll, FastTrac® Coach and Successful Serial Entrepreneur

For additional information about the program, please contact Kristin D'Amore at 703-904-7878 ext. 226 or kdamore@nvtc.org.