Entrepreneur Spotlight

October 28, 2011

James Bohland, Ph.D.
Vice President and Executive Director
Virginia Tech National Capital Region Operations

James Bohland serves as vice president and executive director of Virginia Tech's National Capital Region (NCR) Operations. In this position, he works with the NCR senior management team to develop and implement new strategic directions and to help coordinate services and program initiatives for the university's six sites in the region. He reports directly to the president, provost, and executive vice president and chief operating officer of Virginia Tech. He is also a full professor in urban affairs and planning.

Bohland served as chair of the Virginia Tech Urban Affairs and Planning program from 1984 to 1995. He was the founding director of the School of Public and International Affairs and served in that capacity until spring 2001. From August 2000 to August 2001 he served as interim provost for Virginia Tech and in September 2001, he was appointed senior fellow for biomedical, bioengineering and health projects by the university, a position he held until 2005. From 2000 to 2008, he served as director of the Institute for Community Health.

He earned a Ph.D. in geography from the University of Georgia and accepted a position at the University of Oklahoma, where he stayed until joining the faculty at Virginia Tech in 1980. During the last two years of his tenure in Oklahoma, Bohland served as chairman of the geography department.

With primary research interests in health policy and planning, community and population health, and in the social aspects of information technology, particularly as it relates to health, Bohland has authored more than 75 referred articles, book chapters and technical reports on topics ranging from community health, digital divide and community technology centers. He also edited the SUNY Albany series on urban and housing policy. He has received grants from NSF, Exxon, National Telecommunications and Information Agency, NIH and NASA.

Bohland was founder and president of Health Services Research Inc., a company specializing in planning and data analysis services to organizations in the health and social service fields. He is past president of the Board for Montgomery Regional Hospital, of the Health Systems Board for Southwest Virginia and of the Regional Planning Commission for the New River Valley. He has served on NSF panels, and is currently is a councilor for the Community Health, Planning and Policy Development Section of the American Public Health Association.

John F. Burton
Co-Founder and Managing General Partner
Updata Partners

John Burton is co-founder and managing general partner of Updata Partners, a technology venture firm managing $450 million. He was also an advisory partner and co-founder of Updata Advisors, a leading IT mergers-and-acquisitions advisory firm that merged with Signal Hill in 2010. Prior to Updata, from 1989-1995, Burton was with Legent Corporation, an international public enterprise software firm, as president, chief operating officer and chief executive officer. During his tenure, Legent grew from $126 million to more than $500 million in revenue. Prior to Legent, Burton co-founded Business Software Technology Inc. (BST) and served as chief operating officer and director. Profitable from inception, BST became the leader in software configuration management and grew at a compound growth rate of more than 50 percent until its sale to Legent Corporation in 1989.

Burton has served on the boards of several publicly held companies, including Axent, Banyan Worldwide (BNYN), ePresence (EPRE), MapInfo (MAPS), OTG Software (OTGS) and SAGA Software (SAGA). He has been recognized by the technology community in the Mid-Atlantic with the 2001 Financier of the Year Award and the 2002 Earle C. Williams Award for significant contributions to the Northern Virginia technology community. Burton was a founding member of NVTC, and he is currently president and a director of the Mid-Atlantic Venture Association (MAVA). He graduated with honors from Boston College.

Peter Harrison
GlobalLogic Inc.

Peter Harrison is CEO of GlobalLogic, which he joined in 2001 when had less than 20 employees. Today GlobalLogic employs more than 5,000 people in 10 countries and 20 offices around the world. A pioneer in the global software product development market, the company has staff and broad exposure to the current state of research and development outsourcing in a range of countries, of course including India, but also including China, the Ukraine, Israel, Argentina and Chile.

Prior to joining GlobalLogic, Harrison was SVP, Field Operations at Versata, a leading provider of Internet technologies. While at Versata, he drove revenues from $1 million to $56 million in four years. Versata completed an IPO in 2000 that at the time ranked in the top 25 openings of all time. Previously, Harrison was a co-founder of Seer Technologies where as VP of sales he grew revenues from $0 to $120 million in five years. Seer completed a successful IPO in 1995. At Seer, he played a leading role in establishing international field operations that swiftly grew to represent more than 50 percent of revenues.

Prior to Seer, Harrison held positions at CSFB in New York and Logica in Holland. Harrison earned a Bachelor of Science in software engineering in 1985 from Birmingham University in the United Kingdom.

Participating Companies

Dojitsu is a real-world social gaming platform for groups that allows organizers to set goals for group members and for members to track one another's progress toward those goals. Using game mechanics to drive participation and engagement, Dojitsu offers group organizers a free or low-cost option for galvanizing their membership. Large brands have used gamification for years to boost engagement with highly customized systems like frequent flier programs. Dojitsu provides that capability to the 175 million American adults who are members of smaller and informal groups like hobbyists, church groups, non-profits and alumni. Founded by startup veterans and based in Arlington, Va., Dojitsu's prototype will be live for limited rollout in November 2011.

Euveda Biosciences is developing platform microfluidic technologies that enable cell-based assays i.e., assays that use living cells to determine a drug's effects, to be performed with unparalleled miniaturization, throughput and precision. Euveda's miniaturized technology will have an immediate impact on pharmaceutical drug discovery, by providing significant cost savings and enabling performance of more biologically relevant screens using primary cells freshly obtained from human or animal subjects. Efficient drug screening on these cells is not feasible with current technology, and has long been desired by pharmaceutical researchers, because it could lead to drug candidates with better success in clinical trials and patient response, thus making drug discovery cheaper and better. Euveda also envisions future paradigm-changing applications in personalized cancer therapy i.e., testing an unprecedented number of chemotherapy drug combinations on the very small number of cells obtained in a patient's minimally invasive biopsy, allowing the physician to accurately determine the individual's optimal treatment regimen.

GroupMD is a free, real-time secure HIPAA-compliant group messaging platform for healthcare professionals. GroupMD is a simple way for healthcare professionals to securely communicate via electronic messaging and private groups in real-time. GroupMD is a HIPAA-compliant replacement for outdated pagers and fax machines, as well as non-HIPAA-approved SMS/text messaging between doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals.

Sparkpad is a hardware, software and services platform that enables companies to easily create and deploy their own line of Internet-enabled digital display products. Using Sparkpad's generic tablets and Wi-Fi displays - and open-platform software kit based on HTML5 - companies can easily develop their own branded, interactive solutions and deploy them within their end commercial environments or internal operations. Sparkpad is based in the Dulles Technology Corridor with development offices in Shanghai, China.

Tales2Go is a Pandora-like subscription service for kids' books. We give teachers and parents instant and unlimited access to more than 1,600 name-brand audio stories from leading publishers and storytellers to play on mobile devices in the classroom, at home, in the car and on-the-go. Stories range from fairytales to classics such as Curious George and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea to popular series and characters such as Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Ivy + Bean. Tales2Go takes advantage of the growing number of mobile devices in schools and has won several notable awards, including a Parents' Choice Gold Award and NAPPA Gold Award. Kids love listening to stories. Teachers use audio stories in the classroom as a reading resource and tool to build critical listening and comprehension skills. And parents are looking for entertaining alternatives to screen time.