TechPAC: Q&A

As an NVTC Member, Why Should I Care about TechPAC?

Virginia policymakers make hundreds of decisions each year that can seriously impact technology businesses, technology employees and the technology community at large. Decisions related to public investments and services, taxation and regulation directly or indirectly impact the competitiveness of technology businesses and their bottom lines. TechPAC supports the interests of the technology industry in Richmond and the future viability of technology businesses in Virginia.

What is a PAC?

"PAC" stands for "political action committee." PACs enable individuals and companies with common interests to raise funds and support candidates for public office. Across all industries, major lobbying groups have long recognized that a single, strong, unified political voice is substantially more effective than a multitude of voices.

What is TechPAC?

TechPAC is your PAC. TechPAC is a key benefit of membership that complements the comprehensive, valuable array of programs, policy advocacy and business services NVTC offers to bolster the success of our member companies, to strengthen the technology industry in Northern Virginia and to positively impact the economic growth of the region. TechPAC allows NVTC members to combine their financial resources to support Virginia General Assembly candidates and candidates for statewide office who champion issues of importance to the technology business community. By pooling resources, NVTC can have a stronger voice and bigger impact-and better protect and enhance the interests of technology businesses in the Commonwealth.

Who runs TechPAC?

TechPAC is administered by a 27 member Board of Trustees composed of top executives and government relations professionals from NVTC member companies.

Why did NVTC Create TechPAC?

The NVTC Board of Directors approved the formation of TechPAC in 2001 to enable Northern Virginia technology businesses to speak as a community in collectively supporting strong pro-technology, pro-business candidates for office.

How Does TechPAC Make Decisions?

All TechPAC decisions are based on the NVTC's Legislative Agenda and policy priorities. The TechPAC Board of Trustees evaluates candidates based on their positions on issues that impact technology businesses and their voting record. TechPAC Trustees try to personally interview as many candidates as they can in a given election cycle. The TechPAC Board formally votes on all decisions.

How Can I Get Involved in TechPAC?

Come to the next event! Make a contribution today! Contact NVTC Vice President for Policy Josh Levi jlevi@nvtc.org or (703) 904-7878, ext. 218.

To view TechPAC's current and past contributions to candidates, please visit the Virginia Public Access Project at www.vpap.org/donors.

How to Contribute

Those wishing to support NVTC TechPAC may send a check to:

2214 Rock Hill Road
Suite 300
Herndon,VA 20170

Your contributions to NVTC TechPAC will be used to support candidates for state and local public office in Virginia who support the public policy priorities of the Northern Virginia Technology Council and its membership, as determined by the NVTC TechPAC Board of Trustees. Contributions to NVTC TechPAC are not tax deductible. NVTC will comply with all applicable state and federal reporting requirements regarding contributors to and expenditures by NVTC TechPAC.

For more information on contributing to NVTC TechPAC, contact NVTC Vice President for Policy Josh Levi, at (703) 904-7878, or jlevi@nvtc.org


The Virginia Public Access Project maintains an enhanced list of campaign contributions and expenditures reported by candidates for state office.

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