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February 1, 2013

Play to Win: Gamification as a Business Innovation Tool

Since the introduction of PONG by Atari in 1972, computer-based games have experienced a meteoric rise in popularity. Today more than 211 million people in the United States are active gamers, engaged in gaming primarily for entertainment purposes. Games and gaming strategies are appearing in ever-increasing ways for purposes other than entertainment. Gamification is this emerging trend whereby game mechanics and game design techniques are applied in non-gaming context. Gamification is becoming a powerful tool to engage and train employees, customers and the public as well as to drive innovation and performance improvement. Gamification can make technology more engaging in order to:

  1. encourage users to engage in desired behaviors
  2. show a path to mastery and autonomy
  3. help solve problems without distraction
  4. take advantage of humans' psychological predisposition to play games
The NVTC Technology Innovations Committee is hosting a discussion about gamification. Our panel of experts includes executives from organizations designing, building and using gamification in applications ranging from health care to education to software development. Our panelists will discuss and present gamification applications, how and why they are using these applications and gaming techniques, and their expectations as to their results.


Jim Wiseman, CFO, Ethical Electric


Douglas Goldstein, eFuturist
Karina Homme, Senior Director, Social Enterprise Transformation, Salesforce.com
Ross Katz, Founder, SpeakIt! Language Learning Games
Mark Waser, CTO, Digital Wisdom Institute


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