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Entrepreneur Spotlight Event

Presented by The Entrepreneur Center @NVTC

May 2, 2013

Entrepreneur Spotlight provides startups seeking seed and early stage funding an opportunity to present their concept in front of an audience of accredited investors.

The Entrepreneur Spotlight program allows both experienced and potential new investors to hear the exciting and innovative ideas of startups pursuing seed funding. Entrepreneur Spotlight will focus on companies that are truly in the startup phase and may only be looking for small amounts of funding. During the event, the startups will have five minutes to present their business concepts and will be given 10 minutes to answer questions from a panel.

The program is intended solely to provide attendees an opportunity to learn about new emerging companies and hear directly from these entrepreneurs about what their companies do, how they do it, what markets they address and their plans for future growth. The program is informational only. No offering of securities will be made by any participants and neither this program nor the presentations by the participating companies should be deemed solicitations of interest for investment.

Definition of accredited investor
-- Please note that Section 413(a) of the Dodd-Frank Act requires that the value of your primary residence be excluded from the calculation of net worth for determining your status as an accredited investor.

Presenting Companies:

Asius Technologies
Light Point Security
Radical Combustion Technologies LLC

Asius Technologies

Asius Technologies provides a new way to deliver sound to the ear. By ingeniously converting speaker sound from a hearing aid or earbud to energy, we power a micro-pump and inflate a bubble in the ear canal. The bubble provides demonstrably superior sound and comfort. With our patented technology, earbuds sound just as loud but at 1/4 the volume. Applications include hearing aids, earbuds, and headphones. Funded by the National Science Foundation, and with the National Institutes of Health with Vanderbilt University Medical Center as a research partner, we are planning a summer launch of our earbuds on Kickstarter.


eTrizzle is the easiest way to find movies to buy, rent or stream • all in one place! You can browse pricing and availability of movies across all major services, such as iTunes, Amazon, Netflix, Redbox and more. eTrizzle is currently available online at eTrizzle.com and on iOS and Android mobile devices through the Apple, Google Play and Amazon app stores. AndroidCentral.com says that eTrizzle is a "very useful service" when finding where movies are available. AndroidApps.com also named eTrizzle the "top new Android app of the week" and OMG!Droid called it a "gem." eTrizzle receives a commission from affiliate movie services every time somebody clicks over to buy/rent a movie or subscribe to a streaming movie service. The long-term plan is to add TV shows, music and eBooks • and make eTrizzle a one-stop source for viewing pricing and availability of digital media across all services and platforms.

Light Point Security

Light Point Security uses virtualization and cloud technologies to protect enterprises from web-based malware. Our product, Light Point Web Enterprise, isolates each employee’s browsing session within a server-based virtual machine that is destroyed immediately after use. By isolating the dangerous task of running websites in a disposable virtual machine, no web content ever reaches employee computers. This makes it impossible for web-based malware to infect the corporate network.

Radical Combustion Technologies LLC

Radical Combustion Technologies LLC (RCT) is a startup company which began 2010 with exclusive licenses of intellectual property and know-how. RCT is developing solutions to meet EPA emissions regulations in legacy-integral internal combustion engines that operate the natural gas pipelines throughout North America. These engines are very large, 'dirty' from an emissions point of view and extremely expensive to replace. There are 6,000 engines in their target market with an average age of 45 years. These engines generate 15 million HP. Replacement cost is about $3,000 per horsepower (HP) with an average engine size of 2,200 HP. RCT's products will solve the emissions problem for about $500 per HP while saving fuel and O&M costs, thereby making RCT a very attractive alternative. Therefore, RCT's target market is over $5 billion. Their first solution, a re-purposed, proven product is in 'beta' scale-up with compelling test results. Funds are needed to accelerate the development and begin work on the second product. RCT is supported by the natural gas transmission industry's research arm. Sales are expected to begin in 2014.


Re-Nuble finances, develops and operates on-site modular environmental technologies that recycle organic waste into green products. Re-Nuble’s mission is to responsibly manage limited, local resources at minimal cost to the environment. As an ecosystem integrator of organic recycling solutions, we are providing cost effective natural fertilizer and renewable energy directly to our local communities for sustainable consumption, farming and decentralized organic waste management.


Tony Florence, General Partner, NEA
Matthew Koll, President & Co-Founder, 410 Labs
Bud Rosenthal, President of Paid Services, AOL


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