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Business Development, Marketing and Sales Workshop

Presented by NVTC's Business Development, Marketing & Sales Committee

April 19, 2006
Savvy Sales Strategies: Fundamentals for Successful Companies

In today's economy, companies are looking to sales teams to bring in the dollars that have direct impact on the bottom line. Salespeople experience pressure to close and meet quotas without necessarily having the proper strategic plan in place -- both from a personal and organizational perspective. Results-oriented sales people today are focused, smart and equipped with the right tools to get them in the door and to the final close.

NVTC's Business Development, Sales & Marketing Committee presented a half-day symposium-like workshop to explore the sales process -- from strategy through tactics to success. Attendees learned more about building a strong team and making each individual a high-performing contributor through:
  • Approaching Sales in Today's Economy
  • Prospecting and Lead Generation
  • Building a Strong Pipeline
  • Closing the Deal
Sessions Include:

Are you an "A" Player?
-- Natalie Buford-Young, Rainfield Group

What are the top requested attributes that hiring managers are seeking in their sales reps? Find out what separates the "A" players from the rest of the sales pack in this interactive session. Natalie has met with hundreds of hiring managers and thousands of sales professional throughout her career and will share with you why some sales professionals are considered top performers in their profession and what the rest can do to get there.

Turning Leads into Prospects Effective Cold-Calling
-- Rick LaDuca, Crossland Partners

The COLD CALLING Workshop will show you how to proactively get that critical First Appointment to begin the sales process. You’ll learn:
  • What to say when your prospect answers the phone
  • How to deal with the typical negative responses
  • How to ask for an appointment
  • How to leave a Voicemail message that gets returned
  • How to deal with gatekeepers
"They’re not buying my message."
Bridging the Gap between sales and marketing.
-- Ken Wolff, Acquient

"Olympic Athlete or Sales Amateur"
-- Andy Miller, SMguru.com

Are you an Olympic athlete or a sales amateur? In this thought provoking session Andy Miller will share what an athlete goes through to qualify for the Olympics and what separates those who qualify from those who don’t. Andy will relate this to the world of sales and the 5 critical success factors based upon his study of 2663 sales organizations. It is clear the quality and ability of sales organizations in America have declined over the last 20 years while the opportunities for the "Olympic" sales athlete keeps getting better. Come learn what is happening in world of sales and what you can do to grab the "gold"!

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Platinum Sponsor: Rainfield Group (formerly Acquient Search)
Gold Sponsors: Jefferson Wells; Learning Tree International
Silver Sponsors: Business Wire; DC Rainmakers; LeapFrog Solutions, Inc.

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