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Business Development, Marketing and Sales Workshop

Presented by NVTC's Business Development, Marketing and Sales Committee

February 24, 2005
Note: This event is occurring as scheduled

Innovative and Practical Sales Strategies: How to achieve and exceed your revenue target in 2005

NVTC's Business Development, Marketing, and Sales Committee presented its acclaimed annual sales workshop on Thursday, February 24, from 7:30 am to 11:30 am. This event was filled with strategies, tactics, and important tips to propel you toward your revenue goals! This event was specifically designed for sales managers, business development professionals, and sales professionals tasked with closing deals and bringing in revenue. Some of the top sales pros in the region shared tips, strategies, and killer tactics that will help you acquire more customers.

Presentations included:

Talk Your Business, How to Make More and Better Sales Right Away!: Dick Davies, Director of Customer Solutions, Architech Corporation

    Dick Davies shares ideas you can use to make more sales immediately. His techniques are simple to learn and create quick results. In this interactive workshop, you will have the opportunity to formulate and share your company’s value message. The session helps you uncover the answers to these key questions: What makes your organization excellent? Why do your customers think your organization is excellent? How can you create a meaningful Problem/Solution/Result story about your company’s solution that quickly communicates the value you provide? Dick provides useful tips that you can use right away.
Take Action! Tips for Setting and Achieving Your Sales Goals: Jana Maas, Professional Executive Coach

    Jana Maas, a professional executive coach, provided a framework for creating a personal mission statement, setting goals, and creating a focused daily action plan. Jana’s workshop answered such questions as: what are the winning techniques used by top-level athletes, successful business-people, and achievers in all fields? How can I acquire knowledge that will enable me to organize resources? How do I raise my confidence and recognize my ability to achieve the goals I have set?
How to build a fortified sales pipeline through "Must-React Messaging": Kraig Kleeman

    Acquiring new clients is a daunting task. It begins with acquiring and completing productive meetings with qualified prospective buyers. Competitive challenges, information overload, and the presence of virtual fortresses that surround senior executives create enormous difficulty for reaching prospects. Dynamic Introductory Communications is a must to building a fortified sales pipeline. Kraig presented important research results about best and worst practices in sales communications from Blaire Group’s exhaustive examination into this topic. The presentation included the steps for implementing a powerful methodology for acquiring first-time sales calls with targeted prospects.
Anatomy of a Sales Professional: Natalie Buford-Young, Founding Partner, Acquient Search

Whether you need to hire sales professionals, work with them, or do some self-evaluation, Ms. Buford-Young shared the nine parts that make up the consummate sales professional. Only after defining the profession of selling can you determine just what it takes to be a salesperson. Ms. Buford-Young broke it down into nine basic knowledge areas for which all salespeople are responsible, inculding Customer Management, Time Management, Product Knowledge Management, and a few that will surprise you! All of these knowledge areas form the foundation of sales competency and are the key to increasing your sales and ensuring customer satisfaction. Find out what how effective you can be! Speaker Bios

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