The Reality and Future of Data Science w/SingleStore

NVTC and Virginia Tech Data Science Speaker Series 

From Data Literacy to People-literate Technology: The Reality and Future of Data Science

It has become a necessity for organizations to be data-driven; the COVID-19 pandemic catapulted digital transformation projects into the must-have category. Data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning are key ingredients in the transformation toward more agile, resilient, faster, relevant and more contextual decisions. During the keynote presentation, Oliver Schabenberger, SingleStore's Chief Innovation Officer and industry thought leader, will discuss the hype and reality of  digitally transforming, data-driven organizations and provide his insights into a future state for data science. A panel discussion will follow.  

This new event series hosted by NVTC and Virginia Tech showcases the impact that data science is having and changing the way science and business are being conducted, how government policy is being made, and how the application of data science is changing our daily lives as citizens and consumers. Each event in the series will have an audience of consist of 100+ business leaders from the Greater Washington region.

Keynote Speaker:
Oliver Schabenberger, Chief Innovation Officer, SingleStore

Phil Vincenzes, Chief Analytics Officer, IntelliDyne LLC
Alan Lattimer, Chief Data Scientist, Socially Determined

Dr. Jennifer Van Mullekom, Director of SAIG, Associate Professor of Statistical Practice, Virginia Tech

George Mason University