Let's TalkTech with NVTC & iHeart Media

July 15, 2022

Recruiting Top Tech Talent Using Audio Storytelling

The Great Resignation has shifted power to job seekers, leaving companies struggling to attract and retain top talent. People want to work where they have a positive impact and feel a sense of belonging. Companies need to convey why potential employees want to work for them in their stories.

Attend the next episode of Let’s TalkTech with NVTC and iHeartMedia to learn how the latest trends in media consumption, talent recruitment, and digital marketing can help companies attract top tech talent quickly and with lower costs.

iHeartMedia, NVTC’s Media Partner specializing in audio broadcasting and events, will share data, tools, and best practices to help companies and HR managers position their brands to better attract job seekers and the next generation of talent.

Why it matters: According to recent Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, there are two open jobs for every job seeker. Companies need new and different recruitment strategies in today’s hot job market to stay ahead of the competition.

What you will learn:

  1. How media and audio storytelling can inform job seekers about the impact your company makes.
  2. How to build your company’s recruitment brand and position it as a great place to work.
  3. Strategies to attract job seekers and build your employee pipeline.