Let's TalkTech with NVTC & Talkdesk

March 25, 2022

Let’s TalkTech with NVTC is a digital series that explores tech’s most notable trends, new innovations, digital transformations, lean agile principles and mindsets, the future of work and more. You’ll meet next gen leaders from NVTC member companies and learn about the great impact they are making in our region. Join us for our next episode featuring Talkdesk with our host, Phillip Naithram.

How AI Can Transform Your Customer Experience

Gone are the days of reactive engagement. Customer expectations are higher than ever, with demands for thoughtful, proactive, and predictive connections on their terms. AI is playing a vital role in this new future of Customer Experience Management, working as the foundation for strategic contact centers, driving business growth, and improving desired outcomes.
Anyone that engages with customers has the power to drive revenue and CX is the arguable link to transition a cost center to a revenue generator.  With the right tools and mindset, contact center employees can become trusted advisors that contribute to the top and bottom lines.
This roundtable will empower you to weaponize CX as a competitive advantage. During this roundtable, we will explore best practices for automation and discovery of unknown friction points in the customer journey, and identify how you can be more helpful, profitable, & growth minded – all with less cost to your organization.


Clayton Lougée, Director of CX Strategy, Talkdesk

Mimi Nguyen, Global Vice President of Product, Talkdesk


Phillip Naithram, CEO, Shift Media Studios

American Systems
General Dynamics Information Technology

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