Let's TalkTech with NVTC & Talkdesk

April 29, 2022

The Future of Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity pros need to see the future. Or at least train AI to accurately predict what's going to happen in tech. Learn about the latest research from the Old Dominion University's School of Cybersecurity, ranging from industry terminology and trends to job needs and automated innovations. Then find out how and why it applies to your industry, from keeping emails secure to helping land new contracts.

Let’s TalkTech with NVTC is a digital series that explores tech’s most notable trends, new innovations, digital transformations, lean agile principles and mindsets, the future of work and more. You’ll meet next gen leaders from NVTC member companies and learn about the great impact they are making in our region. Join us for our next episode featuring Old Dominion University with host, Phillip Naithram.