Let's TalkTech with NVTC & MITRE

August 20, 2021

Putting Policy into Practice
Artificial Intelligence. 5G. Cybersecurity. With rapid technological change, how do federal policymakers best develop, analyze and implement policies?  MITRE launched its Center for Data-Driven Policy last fall to bring evidence-based, nonpartisan insights to policymaking in areas ranging from national security to pandemic recovery to social justice. In this episode of Let's TalkTech with NVTC, Dave will present an overview of the Center, its priorities and partnerships, and discuss how the Center serves as a resource for the government, universities, and think tanks. He will share his thoughts on policy issues that impact IT, workforce development, and the future of work.

Dave PownerExecutive Director, Center for Data-Driven Policy, Director, Strategic Engagement and Partnerships, MITRE.