CARES Act Addendum: What It Means for Business and Clients

CARES Act Addendum: What Does It Mean for Your Business and Your Clients?

This webinar is part of NVTC's "Business Continuity in a Pandemic" webinar series.

The Northern Virginia Technology Council and KPMG invite you to attend a webinar about the CARES Act Addendum and what it means for you and your clients.

Topics covered:
How to understand the economic rescues from Washington and future developments
Additional Funding Opportunities under the CARES Act Addendum
Federal Reserve Credit Facilities and Programs
The Main Street Lending Program
Commercial Paper Funding Facility (CPFF)
Tax Impact of the CARES Act

Eric Federing, Managing Director, Office of Government Affairs, KPMG
Amy S. Matsuo, Principal and National Leader of KPMG’s US Regulatory Insights Practice, KPMG
Chris Long, Principal, KPMG
Manal Corwin, Principal in charge of Washington National Tax, KPMG