Board of Directors

Senior Advisory Board Member
Lisa Martin
President and CEO
LeapFrog Solutions Inc.

As the CEO and founder of LeapFrog Solutions, Lisa Martin built and grew a marketing communications and management consulting firm for 21 years before positioning it for a strategic sale to Yes& Agency in 2017. She managed and completed a successful two-year earn-out through 2019 and currently consults on strategic marketing communications, internal and external communications, and integrating traditional marketing methods with emerging technologies. Lisa will be seeking an additional corporate board role in 2022, where her contribution can add value.

Lisa’s experience navigating communication channels in regulated industries was critical to clients and their stakeholders in delivering effective internal and external communications, including when companies were bought, sold, merged, listed in the public markets, or other M&A activities. For example, Lisa led the production of the first Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) report when Exxon and Mobil Corporation merged and then continued to provide leadership to multiple departments to produce communication tools on ESG and sustainability initiatives.

LeapFrog Solutions also established a joint venture to manage a $150 million contract touching every point on the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) under the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The joint venture included public relations, local, regional, and national advertising, database management, social media, and digital transformation. It also encompassed contract management and government procurement for additional services needed to support the NFIP as well as managing two subs (Ogilvy and JWT) serving the LeapFrog Solutions Joint Venture.

Her extensive international experience includes living in Turkey, France, Canada, Australia, and every geographic region in the U.S. She worked on the launch of U.S. business operations for 10 companies headquartered in Cairo, Egypt, and projects with NGOs in Morocco, Ethiopia, and Kenya.