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Carolyn Parent

A passionate, results driven tech leader, Carolyn Parent was recently named Chief Executive Officer of Conveyer, provider of an AI-driven document virtualization platform that transforms instructions into friendly, easy-to-follow, mobile-first applications that customers can retrieve with QR codes and view on any device.

Carolyn has built high performance teams and grown organizations to achieve the highest levels of success. She has led companies at the forefront of SaaS technology innovation in real-time digital communications, mobile, AI, data and security analytics. She founded companies, managed new growth-oriented software technology business units, and helped navigate organizations through six profitable evolutions or exits (IPO, M&A, privatization and large-scale divisional spin-offs).

As CEO of LiveSafe, a leading mobile risk-intelligence solution for safety and security incident prevention, response and communication, Carolyn transformed the business into a mobile enterprise technology and data platform company before selling LiveSafe to Vector Solutions. She was a co-founder of Gravy Analytics, a location-based data intelligence and mobile marketing analytics platform, the first to market offline consumer behavior as an analytics dashboard product. She also served as EVP of Sales and General Manager at Deltek and an Entrepreneur in Residence at HearstLab working with founders on strategy, growth and execution and supporting HearstLab executives on investment pipeline.