Northern Virginia Technology Council | Press Room | NGA Executive Director and CEO Scott Pattison Addresses NVTC Board

January 17, 2017

NGA Executive Director and CEO Scott Pattison Addresses NVTC Board

National Governors Association (NGA) Executive Director and CEO Scott Pattison made a presentation and engaged in a discussion at the meeting of the NVTC Board of Directors on Tuesday, January 17 at the Inova Center for Personalized Health in Falls Church. Pattison shared updates on the NGA’s cybersecurity initiative.

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe is chairman of the NGA and Pattison discussed the Governor’s prioritization of cybersecurity issues as a top NGA initiative which puts the states and governors at the center of finding solutions to the nation’s expanding cyber threats. Throughout his remarks, Pattison stressed the importance of cybersecurity in protecting the health and safety of citizens and their data and as an economic driver for the states.

Pattison shared how the NGA’s cybersecurity initiative provides a framework for states to develop their cybersecurity strategy. Key components of the framework include creating the strategy, establishing a strong cybersecurity governance structure, developing an incident response framework, addressing cybersecurity workforce development and allocating state cybersecurity budgets to highest risk assets.

Tim Blute, NGA Program Director, Homeland Security & Public Safety Division, highlighted additional NGA cybersecurity resources for the states, including the NGA’s cybersecurity summits that offer state teams the opportunity to discuss emerging cybersecurity issues and cybersecurity best practices and to share their accomplishments.

Following his remarks, Pattison answered questions from Board members on recent reports of threats to election systems at the state level, strategies for increasing collaboration between states and the private sector to protect data, and approaches for private companies to increase the visibility of cybersecurity issues to state governments.