Rising Threats and Your Company's Exposure: First-Hand Experiences of Those Who Have Overcome the Odds

On March 17, NVTC and Managing Partner AHT Insurance held “Rising Threats and Your Company's Exposure,” an event featuring NVTC Board member Richard Montoni, humanitarian aid worker Jessica Buchanan and her husband Erik Landemalm, who each discussed their encounters with unanticipated exposures domestically and abroad. Montoni shared his experience dealing with a recent workplace threat in the U.S., and Buchanan and Landemalm shared Buchanan's kidnapping by Somali land pirates.

Montoni’s experience taught him that threats are disruptive to business and concerning for the welfare of employees. According to Montoni, MAXIMUS avoided major loss and costs by responding quickly and taking advantage of options available to them. Working with the Unity Resources Group increased MAXIMUS’ internal and external crisis response capabilities, and ended up saving the company hundreds of thousands on security, time and attention.

Humanitarian Jessica Buchanan and her husband Erik Landemalm also shared their experience with risk, detailing Buchanan’s kidnapping by Somali pirates in Oct. 2011. She was held 93 days in captivity and rescued by the U.S. Navy Seals, thanks in part to Landemalm’s efforts to help bring her home.

Landemalm shared that the public often forgets what the family is going through along with the victim. He offered his perspective as Buchanan shared her ordeal. Ultimately, Buchanan and Landemalm emphasized the need to educate others on lessons learned and to train oneself and one’s employees in advance of encountering kidnapping or other risks.