Equal Footing Foundation’s Patrick Gusman Receives Anna C. Chennalt Award

On Dec. 9, the National Military Family Association presented Patrick Gusman, president of the Equal Footing Foundation, with the Anna C. Chennalt Award. The award recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the development of the association and its initiatives through their own support, through significantly facilitating support by others, or through assisting in accomplishing the association’s mission.

The National Military Family Association had a vision to take military support mobile, and Gusman connected the association with resources to turn the idea into MyMilitaryLife, a free mobile app. According to Michelle Joyner, mobile initiatives director at National Military Family Association, “Patrick has been a strong advocate for our association and his influence has had financial and strategic results. Because of his support, we were able to move our association into a realm of military family support that still remains largely untouched. Patrick’s support of our work has not wavered in the three plus years we have worked together.”

Congratulations to Gusman!