Member Company Northrop Grumman Lead Sponsor of the NVTC Veterans Employment Initiative with $250,000 Contribution

The Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC) announced on Tuesday, July 8 that Northrop Grumman Corporation will be the lead sponsor of the NVTC Veterans Employment Initiative, contributing $250,000 to help veterans with what they identify as their greatest challenge in transitioning to civilian life: finding a job.

According to NVTC President and CEO Bobbie Kilberg, “while thousands of veterans search for employment, companies in the Northern Virginia technology community maintain that finding qualified workers is one of their most critical long-term challenges.”

“Through the generous support of Northrop Grumman, the NVTC Veterans Employment Initiative will enhance its ability to assist both veterans and employers in Virginia, strengthening our regional economy and easing the transition to civilian life for those who have served our country,” she said.

Sandra Evers-Manly, Northrop Grumman vice president of Global Corporate Responsibility agreed, adding “Northrop Grumman is devoted to supporting our service men and women and particularly pleased to assist this program which can have a significant impact in the National Capital Region.”

Employment of veterans is an urgent national issue. In addition to the estimated 750,000 currently unemployed veterans, more than one million more service members will transition to civilian careers – and need employment – during the next five years. Additionally, Virginia is one of only three states with an expected increase in its population among working-age veterans. Yet at the same time, local technology employers say that finding qualified workers is a key long-term business challenge. Veterans need employment and technology companies need skilled employees so this is an important endeavor.

The Veterans Employment Initiative, first launched by NVTC in August 2013, is designed to accelerate veterans’ transition to civilian life by providing better employment opportunities in Virginia. The program matches veterans with jobs, internships, mentorships, and certifications while providing support to NVTC member companies as they hire, train, and retain qualified veteran employees. An essential part of the Initiative is the online community developed in partnership with Monster.com and Military.com which facilitates the recruitment of military veterans throughout the technology community. NVTC is also collaborating with state and federal policymakers to expedite legislative and regulatory action that enhances a company’s ability to recruit, hire, train and retain veterans.

In January 2014 NVTC expanded its outreach to veterans by creating US Tech Vets in partnership with the Consumer Electronics Association and Monster.com. Through US Tech Vets, the NVTC Veterans Employment Initiative now shepherds the nation’s first industry wide national approach to addressing the complexities of veteran employment.