2014 Legislative Session Underway in Richmond

The 2014 Legislative Session of the Virginia General Assembly is underway in Richmond. This year's session is scheduled to conclude on Saturday, March 8.

NVTC members can review NVTC's 2014 Legislative Agenda here.

NVTC’s Public Policy Advocacy Team, Informational Resources and Weekly Conference Calls
NVTC maintains a full-time presence in Richmond during the legislative session, and we welcome your feedback. Feel free to contact us at any time with questions, ideas or suggestions:
NVTC Vice President of Policy Josh Levi (jlevi@nvtc.org, 703-268-5140)
NVTC Public Policy Manager Troy Murphy (tmurphy@nvtc.org, 703-268-5135)

NVTC members are encouraged to visit NVTC's 2014 General Assembly Session page for information about the ongoing legislative session in Richmond. There, members will be able to join the Public Policy Forum group on LinkedIn, where they can exchange ideas and provide feedback and direction to NVTC's advocacy team on critical policy issues affecting the Northern Virginia technology community.

NVTC has also compiled an expansive bill tracking index for select bills of interest to NVTC members which is available here. Using this platform, the technology community can to track legislation as it progresses through the legislative process. Data provided by The Division of Legislative Automated Systems (DLAS) and updated at least twice a week.

NVTC's members are invited to participate in weekly legislative conference calls with the NVTC advocacy team each Friday afternoon at 4 p.m. through March 7. These calls offer a valuable opportunity to stay connected to what's going on in Richmond and provide advice and feedback to NVTC leaders and staff. Please send an email to Troy Murphy if you would like to receive notice and call-in information for NVTC's weekly conference calls.

For more information about NVTC's advocacy efforts, please visit us online at www.nvtc.org/advocacy and follow us on Twitter @NVTCTechPolitic.