Central Intelligence Agency CIO Jeanne Tisinger Addresses NVTC Board

Central Intelligence Agency CIO Jeanne Tisinger joined the NVTC Board of Directors on Tuesday, March 12 at LMI in McLean to discuss how the CIA utilizes information technology to enable its mission, extend its reach, and connect its staff with the proper data and tools.

Central Intelligence Agency CIO Jeanne Tisinger
Central Intelligence Agency CIO Jeanne Tisinger addresses board members at NVTC's March 12 Board of Directors meeting. font>

In an unclassified presentation, Tisinger outlined the CIA’s top technology priorities and explained how the agency and the entire intelligence community (IC) need to have the ability to use massive amounts of data to make predictions and take action quickly on a global scale. She also explained how they are applying innovation to help cut costs.

During her remarks, Tisinger discussed the CIA’s IT priorities and highlighted several areas that are currently enabling the intelligence mission. She shared the need for a shift in how the agency uses big data analytics, from searching for particular data to discovering new correlations in the data coming into the system. Tisinger also talked about how the CIA is leveraging the commercial sector’s innovation cycle and cost efficiencies for commodity IT and how the entire IC is utilizing software-as-a-service for common solutions.

According to Tisinger, the CIA must begin running its IT more like a business, scaling service models based on mission needs. As an example, the CIA is partnering with the National Security Agency to develop a private copy of the rapidly maturing commercial cloud. In addition, the CIA and the IC are now working with shared platforms and services, centralizing and consolidating common applications that provide solutions across IC agencies.

Tisinger closed by discussing how the CIA fosters innovation through leveraging In-Q-Tel, Government Labs, and Industry Research Centers. The Agency’s key technology enablers empower big data and provide a framework that supports mission advantage and transforms the business of intelligence.

During a question and answer session, Tisinger addressed questions about the CIA’s use of shared services, bring your own device policies, talent management, software-as-a-service and working with partners in the intelligence community.