Virginia Receives Top Rankings in National Science Foundation Report on Science and Technology

Recently released research from the National Science Foundation (NSF) on the role of science and technology in state and regional economic development gives Virginia high rankings in several categories.

According to the NSF’s Science and Engineering Indicators 2012, which highlights some major developments in international and U.S. science and technology, Virginia gets first place ranking in high-technology employment as a percentage of total state employment (15.95 percent in 2008).

Virginia ranks second, behind only D.C., in computer specialists as a percentage of the workforce with 4.5 percent and third (6.57 percent) for individuals in science and engineering occupations as a percentage of the workforce, behind D.C. and Massachusetts. Virginia also ranks fourth in high-technology establishments as a percentage of all business establishments, behind D.C., Delaware and Colorado.

Click here to read more about the research and explore other indicators. A full report with detailed data tables is available here.