Tell Us Your Email Preferences and Topics of Interest!

To ensure that future NVTC communications meet your professional needs and are a valuable resource to you and members of your company, NVTC has developed an online form for members to indicate which email updates they want to receive from NVTC.

Select your preferences for emails related to top-level topics, including promotions for all-member events, award nominations, TechPolitic and The Entrepreneur Center @NVTC. Opt in to NVTC committee lists and indicate your interest in a variety of topics and interest areas, such as aerospace, cloud computing, health care, or research and development. NVTC will use this list to alert members when opportunities arise relating to these specific topics, allowing us to better target all of our communications to your interests.

To edit your email preferences, log in to the NVTC Web interface.

Once you're logged in to your user profile, click the "Communication Options and Professional Info" tab to edit your email preferences and topics of interest. Be sure to click the SAVE button at the bottom of the page when you're finished. You may update your communications preferences at any time, and will be provided an opportunity to unsubscribe from NVTC email lists on each email we send.