NVTC Participates in Meeting with Deputy Secretary of Defense William Lynn on Proposed DoD Contracting Cuts

As described in a special announcement on Wednesday, December 22, NVTC President & CEO Bobbie Kilberg, NVTC Board Member Kevin Parker of Deltek and several representatives of NVTC Board and member companies participated in a meeting hosted by Deputy Secretary of Defense Bill Lynn on December 21 at the Pentagon to discuss the issue of DoD's proposed contracting cuts of 10 percent a year for the next three years.

During the meeting, Defense officials stated that when the proposed cuts were announced in August, they did not have the data to support them. Since then, the Defense Department has produced a data analysis and rationale, which has resulted in a reduced scope for the proposed cuts. According to the Pentagon officials, the 10x3 cuts target only Service Support Contracts, which constituted $4.3 billion or 3 percent of total DoD spending on All Service Contracts in FY2009. Therefore, DoD states that the proposed 10x3 reductions amount to less than 1 percent in overall contract funding.

View the NVTC announcement for more information.