Samsung and Verizon Leaders Discuss the Transformative Impact of 5G Technology at Oct. 17 Titans

On Oct. 17, 300 members of the region’s technology community gathered at the Ritz-Carlton, Tysons Corner for a Titans breakfast featuring keynote remarks from Samsung Electronics North America President and CEO Tim Baxter and Verizon Sr. VP and Chief Product Officer Sowmyanarayan Sampath about 5G technology, which Sampath believes will be the “4th industrial revolution.”

Kicking off the event, Baxter shared Samsung’s goal of providing a seamless multi-device connected experience with a secure, trusted supply chain network. He explained that 5G technology is key to enabling connected devices in locations such as stadiums, homes, kitchens or concert halls. Baxter also believes that 5G is going to put the power of fiber into your pockets. Now that the technology has launched, Samsung’s focus is on building out use cases at the neighborhood, corridor and national levels. According to Baxter, some examples of potential applications for transformative 5G technology include smart neighborhoods, transportation, fleet management, and emergency services. In addition, he shared how 5G could empower advancements like drone delivery, telehealth, remote operations and cloud based training.

Tech Titans.
Samsung Electronics North America President and CEO Tim Baxter discusses 5G technology at the Oct. 17 Titans.

In his remarks, Sampath explained how 5G technology will enable the 4th industrial revolution by bridging the physical, digital and biological. He highlighted some of the benefits of 5G including faster speeds, lower latency, increased battery life and increasing the number of connected devices, saying “5G is not 4G done better. It's completely different.” Sampath shared how Verizon is working on building broader 5G ecosystem with more focus on B2B commercial and industrial uses, such as autonomous vehicles, public safety and AR/VR.

Tech Titans.
Verizon Sr. VP and Chief Product Officer Sowmyanarayan Sampath delivers keynote remarks at the Oct. 17 Titans event.

Following their keynote remarks, Baxter and Sampath participated in a discussion with NVTC Chair Rich Montoni on a variety of topics including the 5G value chain and privacy and security challenges. During the discussion, Sampath addressed some of the policy hurdles to 5G’s rollout and adoption, including access to sites, fiber, demand stimulation and smart spectrum policy. Baxter discussed how Samsung is working with international partners to bring 5G to market quicker.

Tech Titans.
Baxter and Sampath participate in a discussion with NVTC Chair Rich Montoni.

The event closed with a Q&A session with the audience, during which Baxter and Sampath addressed how 5G can enhance existing technologies and improve security of fixed systems, help address the digital divide, and create new opportunities across industry sectors.