Virginia Gubernatorial Candidate Ed Gillespie Addresses NVTC Board

Ed Gillespie, Republican candidate for Virginia Governor, joined the NVTC Board of Directors on July 11 at the Inova Center for Personalized Health for a discussion of his campaign’s policy issues. Gillespie outlined his priorities and shared his views on the most pressing issues facing the Commonwealth. In particular, Gillespie emphasized his focus on economic growth and increasing Virginia’s competitiveness.

Gillespie highlighted Virginia-based entrepreneurship and innovation as key economic drivers for the Commonwealth and addressed the need for cuts to Virginia’s individual income tax rates to grow the economy, as well as reform of local business taxes. He also argued for regulatory reform, specifically, the elimination of two regulations for every new regulation implemented. According to Gillespie, these reforms will encourage more startup businesses and fuel small business growth.

Gillespie also shared strategies for operating government more efficiently, including applying private sector practices to government operations. For example, he shared his plan to appoint a COO to oversee government operations in the Commonwealth.

Gillespie NVTC
Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie addresses the NVTC Board on July 11.

Responding to questions from Board members, Gillespie shared his views on gubernatorial term limits and his plans for expanding research investments in the industries of the future to help diversify Virginia’s economy. Gillespie discussed Virginia’s higher education and the need for more collaboration among four-year institutions, community colleges and the private sector.

Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam, Democrat candidate for Virginia Governor, will present at the September 12 NVTC Board of Directors meeting.