CSRA President and CEO Larry Prior Discusses Next-Gen IT and Scaling for Change at April 7 Titans Event

On April 7, over 400 members of the region's technology community came together at The Ritz-Carlton, Tysons Corner for a Titans breakfast featuring Larry Prior, President and CEO of CSRA, a leading provider of next-generation IT solutions and professional services for U.S. government agencies and programs.

In opening, Prior highlighted the “fundamental refresh” occurring in tech today, being driven by demand for the cloud and processing capabilities at the edge. This next-gen IT revolution isn’t just happening in the commercial sector; government clients are also expecting automated workflow and agile network systems that function like the apps on their personal devices. According to Prior, government demand for next-gen IT has opened up new opportunities to apply commercial technologies to the public sector. With a new presidential administration, leveraging next-gen IT to improve areas like cybersecurity and healthcare to better serve citizens is very timely.

Larry Prior NVTC Titans

CSRA President and CEO Larry Prior addressed the Titans crowd on April 7.

Prior went on to discuss last year’s merger between CSC and SRA to form CSRA. He shared how the merger has allowed CSRA to scale its business to meet the government’s IT needs. Through increased financial investments in R&D, leveraging a newly-expanded talent pool and bolstering partnerships, CSRA has been able to scale its business. Prior also noted how consolidations and mergers are becoming a more common trend in the tech industry.

Scaling is happening at a regional level in Greater Washington, too, according to Prior. The region’s strengths in partnership-building, collaboration, commitment to mission and passion for customers gives organizations here a strong foundation and competitive advantage, particularly with government customers. Prior noted that Greater Washington is a “model for tomorrow” in improving technology and impacting change on a national level.

During a Q&A session with the audience, Prior gave his thoughts on government legacy IT systems and called for the government and its providers to step back and evaluate their apps and IT systems. Prior shared how being able to approach this evaluation process from a commercial vantage is helpful in identifying which apps should be eliminated or transitioned to SaaS.