NVTC Urges Enactment of Comprehensive Legislation To Modernize Legacy IT Systems in the Federal Government

On Friday, August 5, NVTC sent lettersto members of the U.S. House of Representatives from Northern Virginia urging enactment of comprehensive legislation to modernize legacy IT systems within the federal government, reduce wasteful spending and enhance information security.

NVTC is concerned that federal IT investment is increasingly directed toward maintaining outdated legacy systems rather than acquiring and utilizing innovative technology solutions. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has indicated that the federal government spent more than 75 percent of IT spending in FY15 on operations and maintenance of legacy systems.

There are currently multiple legislative proposals in Congress that seek to address the needs of government agencies in quickly modernizing outdated IT systems. Among these proposals are the “Modernizing Outdated and Vulnerable Equipment and IT Act of 2016,”or “MOVE IT Act” (S. 3263 and H.R. 5792), which was introduced by Senators Moran and Udall and by Representative Hurd with bipartisan cosponsors including Representatives Connolly and Comstock, and the “Information Technology Modernization Act” (H.R. 4897) which was introduced by Representative Hoyer.

In the letters, NVTC indicates its hope that the introduction of these bills will lead to the enactment of a comprehensive bill that will provide for modern, cost-efficient and secure IT systems to support our military, our federal employees and our citizens. NVTC is working with the Professional Services Council (PSC) in this effort.