SAIC CEO Tony Moraco Talks Driving Innovation and Growth at the Feb. 12 Titans Series Event

On Feb. 12, members of the region's technology community gathered at The Ritz-Carlton, Tysons Corner for a Titans breakfast featuring Tony Moraco, CEO of SAIC, a $4.5 billion technology integrator. Moraco has been CEO since the company separated from its former parent in September 2013. During the event, Moraco discussed innovation, partnering, and driving change within his company and the technology ecosystem.

Moraco began his address by discussing SAIC’s separation from Leidos in 2013. The company spun off, he said, to resolve potential conflicts of interest and address the competitive landscape. Once SAIC separated, the company focused on specific customers, centralizing resources and consolidating capabilities. Moraco and his team put together a matrix to do so and, as a result, the company was able to innovate both within its operating model and its mission requirements.

In his remarks, Moraco shared SAIC’s areas of focus, including cloud, cyber, enterprise IT, data and mobile, as well as areas of interest such as the Internet of Things. He also discussed how the company is using 3D printing to prototype and urged others to think differently about design in manufacturing.

Tony Moraco on stage.
Tony Moraco, CEO of SAIC, speaks during the Feb. 12 Titans Series event at The Ritz-Carlton, Tysons Corner.

In addition, the federal government market is growing modestly, Moraco said, yet the marketplace is still competitive. He explained how SAIC focuses on mission capability and time to market in serving its federal customers, often working collaboratively as partners with those customers with a focus on solutions and outcomes, not products. Now that federal agency budgets are more stable, he said, the government should have more confidence to invest in larger transformational programs. Moraco also urged commercially-focused companies with a solution that could benefit the federal government to seek out partnerships with existing contractors.

Also, he shared his advice for smaller companies looking to get into business with the government. Because the timeline from concept to capture for government work can often take 12-24 months, which is a challenge for smaller companies, he suggested that they find an appropriate vehicle or team and get prequalified to help get them get contract work faster.

Moraco closed by discussing innovation, explaining how SAIC shares proven products and technologies with new customers by looking for natural adjacencies. As customers and the market are changing, companies need to be adaptive, he said. Partnerships and technology transfer get services to market faster while driving and exposing companies to each other for better partnerships and customer access.

During a Q&A session with the audience after his remarks, Moraco addressed consolidation in the marketplace, urging companies to be selective and specific when acquiring other companies or to focus on growing organically. He also shared what he thinks are the strengths of our region, including our proximity to and success in serving federal government customers, as well as the amazing innovations coming out of companies here. He suggested that companies in the region need to work together to share a consistent branding message of demonstrated value when talking to federal customers.