NVTC Board Members Appointed to Center for Innovative Technology’s Overseer Board

Several NVTC Board Members were recently appointed to serve on the Board of Directors of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Investment Authority (IEIA), which oversees the Center for Innovative Technology (CIT). Speaker Bill Howell (R-Fredericksburg) re-appointed NVTC Board Member, founding member and Chairman Emeritus David Lucien of DCL Associates to serve on the IEIA Board and he also named NVTC Executive Committee Member Duffy Mazan of CourseMaven Inc. to the Board. Additionally, the Senate of Virginia appointed outgoing NVTC Board member Magid Abraham of comScore.

The IEIA promotes the economic development of the Commonwealth by attracting and retaining high technology jobs and businesses in Virginia. It is responsible for advancing innovation and technology-based economic development, including all phases of technology company creation from research and development through commercialization, capital formation and successful product assimilation.