White House CIO Tony Scott Addresses the NVTC Board

On Tuesday, May 12, Tony Scott, the new White House Federal CIO and administrator of the Office of Electronic Government, joined the NVTC Board of Directors at LMI in McLean to share his perspective and objectives in the position.

White House CIO Tony Scott
From left: White House CIO Tony Scott, NVTC Board Chair Sudhakar Kesavan of ICF, and NVTC Board Member Doug Beck of ICF at the NVTC Board meeting on May 12, 2015 at LMI in McLean.

Scott said that, since all information is being digitized, the government is facing new and growing cyber challenges. He argued that more collaboration is needed across agencies and between industry and government. Scott also argued for the need to clarify and institutionalize incident response across all organizations.

Scott also discussed the government’s current talent gap and the need to develop and train professionals to manage digital and cyber practices for the government. He highlighted the work of the Digital Services Team, which is injecting talent where needed in government agencies, and the Cyber Team, which is helping to coordinate cybersecurity efforts across the government.

In addition, he expressed his dedication to pursuing big projects within government and the importance of focusing on key priorities and moving them to full speed ideas, without getting distracted by other demands.

Finally, Scott shared his thoughts on encouraging more innovation in government processes, increasing the government’s use of commercial products and services, making the procurement process more agile and less bureaucratic, and how government and industry can utilize the cloud and big data to encourage new thinking using key process indicators.