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Presented by the NVTC Technology Innovations Committee

March 13, 2012

Mobile Money

Join the NVTC Technology Innovations Committee for a dialogue surrounding the topics of mobile money. Around the world, people are using their cell phones to do mobile banking, mobile payments, mobile commerce and money transfers. Many analysts believe the cell phone will replace the traditional wallet, creating a mobile wallet. A panel of experts will discuss the trends and revolutionary impact of mobile money both domestically and internationally. With such an emerging industry and evolving infrastructure, there are platforms that must comply and fit within regulations. Our pundits will talk through case studies, and examine what is working today and what technologies will win out tomorrow.

Mobile operators, banks, financial institutions, merchants and technology providers will all be forced to not only think differently, but consumer demand is now driving how organizations must plan both tactically and strategically to maintain pace within a global wireless marketplace. Come participate in a stimulating discussion and learn more about digital money and mobile wallets.


Barry Toser, President, TNT Advisory Group


Cherian Abraham, Founder and Principal, DROP LABS
Ashish Ashtekar, Director - Mobile Commerce, Verizon Wireless
Darren Feeley, CEO, GeoPay
Sai Ganesamoorthi, Senior Product Manager of Mobile Commerce, Sprint


Platinum Sponsor: Sprint; Verizon Wireless
Location Sponsor: Sprint

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