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Presented by the NVTC Technology Innovations Committee

October 4, 2011


    What is all this talk about machine-to-machine, also known as M2M? Why does it matter to me and my business? Why is there such a focus on it? This Technology Innovations Committee event will answer all these questions and more. The M2M market is one of the fastest-growing areas within the wireless landscape. To gain a competitive edge, businesses should map out an enterprise mobility strategy that includes connecting “things” as well as people.

    M2M consists of sensors embedded in everything from cars and appliances to roadways and power grids, and interconnecting these “intelligent” things through a wireless mesh network that enables them to communicate on their own. Traditionally, M2M has been used for asset tracking or fleet management. Now, everywhere a smart sensor exists, so too does an M2M mobile application opportunity. M2M covers everything from smart grids that manage energy use to remote connections that can stop a train wreck, monitor your heart rate, enable usage-based insurance, tell you how fast and how far your cargo has traveled, and call for help when you’re in an accident.

    M2M is about enabling the flow of data from machines to machine and ultimately machines to people. Regardless of the type of machine or data, information usually flows in the same general way • from a machine over a network, and then through a gateway to a system where it can be reviewed and acted on. If you haven’t thought about how you will incorporate M2M technology into your company’s enterprise mobility strategy, this event will give you real-world examples of why you should.


    Ken Figueredo, Consultant, VenturaTeam


    M2M Enterprise User: Tim Chappell, VP, Corporate Supply Chain & Sourcing, Arbitron Inc.
    M2M User in Public Safety: Jim Craige, Sergeant, Alexandria Police Department
    M2M in Wireless: Allen Jaeger, MGR Solution Engineering Emerging Solutions Group, Sprint
    M2M in Wireless: Sowmya Varadarajan, Associate Director M2M Product Development, Verizon Wireless
    M2M System Integrator: Fred Yentz, President & CEO, ILS Technology


Platinum Sponsor: Neustar; Sprint; Verizon Wireless
Location Sponsor: Sprint

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Reston, VA