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June 14, 2011

Satellite Technology's Impact on a Changing World: Delivering Communications in the Air, on the Ground and on the Move

You don't consciously think about what part of your life has been improved or changed by satellites. Thanks in part to the 'there's an app for that' revolution, our communication needs have evolved from basic voice and email services to on-demand, all-the-time, anywhere necessities. Air-to-ground connectivity has surged in importance for in-flight passengers; flexibility requirements have risen for mobile Internet connectivity, driving innovation in devices, applications and services; and a view from space has helped answer difficult questions on climate change, agriculture, disaster management, population movements and fossil fuel depletions. This session will examine the role satellite technology plays in the ever-evolving requirements of next-generation communications technologies for industries, government and end users.

The Washington, D.C., region is the center of the satellite business in U.S. firms such as ARTEL, DRS, GeoEye, Harris Caprock, Hughes Network Services (HNS), Inmarsat, Intelsat, Iridium, LightSquared (formerly SkyTerra), Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, SES World Skies U.S. Government Solutions and SkyBitz, to name a few. These firms are either headquartered or have major operations here. The satellite business is a major local employer of relatively high-paying jobs.

What will be the long-term demands for mobile broadband services? What are the fastest growing opportunities for next-generation communication networks? How should satellite companies deal with the continued expansion and enhancement of terrestrial services? Panelists representing leading satellite companies will discuss the current state of the market and the prospects for existing and proposed new services over the coming years.


Nick Mitsis, Senior Account Executive, Environics Communications


Bryan Hartin, Vice President Sales & Distribution/Business Development, LightSquared
David Myers, President, Government Solutions, Harris CapRock
Don Thoma, EVP Marketing, Iridium
Bill Wilt, VP North American Sales, GeoEye


Platinum Sponsor: General Dynamics Information Technology; Sprint
Exhibit Sponsor: Harris CapRock; Iridium Communications Inc.; LightSquared; T-Mobile Government Solutions; Verizon Wireless
Location Sponsor: Sprint

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