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Data Center and Cloud Infrastructure Committee Meeting

Presented by Data Center and Cloud Infrastructure Committee

February 15, 2018

In February 2018, NVTC will publish the second edition of its report "The Economic and Fiscal Contribution that Data Centers Make to Virginia." At this meeting, the NVTC Data Center and Cloud Infrastructure Committee will receive an exclusive briefing from Fletcher Mangum, Ph.D., CEO of Mangum Economic Consulting, who conducted the research on behalf of NVTC.

The new report contains an extensive update of the 2016 report and concludes that the statewide impact of the data center industry increased by approximately 7,000 jobs, $1.6 billion in economic activity, and $165.7 million in state, local, and federal tax revenue.

New topics in the report include a discussion of the impact the data center industry is having on energy innovation, particularly renewable energy, and how data centers are helping to address Virginia's most pressing economic problem - diversification of its economy and growing its private sector.

Also at this meeting, we will provide an update on our work to set up the Northern Virginia Chapter of the Infrastructure Masons (iMasons). The first IMasons Northern Virginia Chapter meeting is planned for February 28 (https://imasons.org/events/2018-im-local-edition-northern-virginia/).

3072 Centreville Rd.
Herndon, VA

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