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Cybersecurity and Privacy Committee Meeting

Presented by Cybersecurity and Privacy Committee

October 18, 2017

What Is IoT, What Does It Mean for Cybersecurity and Privacy; Today, Tomorrow and Beyond?

Learn about IoT from a panel of experts. IoT was once a buzzword. Now it is here in the form of smart cities and wearable technologies. Join our panel as they discuss IoT's current state, what challenges it faces and its future opportunities.


Dan Caprio, Co-Founder and Chairman, The Providence Group
Dipto Chakravarty, CTO, Exostar
Andrew Girson, CEO, Barr Group
Joe Klein, CTO, Disrupt6


IoT • Identity of Things Perspective
Dipto Chakravarty, CTO, Exostar

9300 Lee Highway
Fairfax, VA

Registration is Required.