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Business Development, Marketing and Sales Workshop

Presented by the NVTC Business Development, Marketing and Sales Committee

September 27, 2007
3rd Annual Professional Sales Workshop

Sales Trends: Are you Prepared to Be a Sales Superstar or a Sales Statistic in the Selling Environment of the Future?

The way we sell and the way buyer's buy is virtually unrecognizable from 10 years ago. What are some of the advances in sales that have shaped our current sales environment and what can you do to prepare for your sales future? NVTC's Business Development, Sales and Marketing Committee held their 3rd Annual Sales Workshop where presenters shared ways to improve one's future in sales.

Razi Imam, CEO and Founder, Landslide
Rick LaDuca, President, Crossland Partners
Nancy McCarthy, President, DC Rainmakers
Natalie Buford Young, President, Rainfield Group

Sessions Include:

"The Era of Sales 2.0: New Tools and Worsktyles to Supercharge Your Sales Performance"
Presented by Razi Imam, CEO and Founder, Landslide

Just as the world of communication has changed for all of us as we assimilate social networks like FaceBook and MySpace into our lives, so is the world of sales changing. Salespeople and companies that do not adopt new Sales 2.0 tools in their workstyles will be left behind in today's marketplace.

Sales 2.0 is not just a new catchphrase - it's a new way of selling that builds upon Web 2.0 technologies for a far more interactive, collaborative and sophisticated selling environment. It is changing the game for everything related to selling: from researching prospects to opportunity management and forecasting to communicating with prospects.

Join us for this informative session to learn how both selling and buying are changing in the new Sales 2.0 world and what are some of the new tools available today to help salespeople prospect, qualify, engage and close business like never before.

"Silver Bullets" for Sales People - There really are "Silver Bullets"!
Presented by Rick LaDuca, President, Crossland Partner

  • Understand why prospects don't buy and what to do about it.

  • Learn 4 techniques that can have a significant impact on your ability to win more deals and grow your business.

  • Discover why some of the best sales organizations win more by selling less.

"Win More Deals Using Advanced Consultative Sales Skills Which Turn Executives into Rainmakers"
Presented by Nancy McCarthy, President, DC Rainmakers

  • Join us for a lively discussion on advanced sales that will help improve your "Rainmaking" power. This session will help experienced executives, senior salespeople and the CEO who needs to be a rainmaker, this is not entry level.

  • Learn why relationship selling can help you increase your average deal and earn repeat clients. Learn how to use questions to turn you into a consultant.

  • Learn how to listen your way to increased business by focusing on the customer and what a solution means for them, leading to explosive results.

"Your Sales Career: Entering, Growing or Exiting"
Presented by Natalie Buford Young, President, Rainfield Group

  • Learn how to manage your sales career and achieve your ultimate career goals in this interactive session.

  • Bring your resume and find out what it currently "predicts" about your sales future.

  • Create a custom sales career plan that will keep you on track for success.

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