Technology Innovations Committee Event

February 1, 2013

Douglas Goldstein

Douglas Goldstein is a leading health care author, entrepreneur and "eFuturist." He focuses on how teams enabled by emerging technologies and entertainment can improve health and performance today and tomorrow. He is the author of 11 books on health management and the technology.

As president of iConecto, he guides the world's leading organizations in achieving superior health and performance through experiential media and distinctive innovation. He has been the strategist and developer of leading-edge projects including: Gaming4Health.com - a leading news service dedicated to health e-games, Ascension Health Exchange - an initiative of Ascension Health; QualityFirst BSHSIShare.org - Bon Secours Health System's online community that accelerates operational improvement through rapid knowledge transfer of best practices; eStrategy and Health Information Technology Sharing - Veterans Health Administration; and many other innovative services. He was the founder, chairman and CEO of Health Online Inc., a syndicated consumer health information company, and he was a co-founder and vice president of Consumer Health Services' 1-800-DOCTORS - a telephone and online consumer health information and doctor appointment service. Goldstein has served as the Internet columnist for Managed Care Interface.

Goldstein shares his insights as a keynote speaker with leading health and medical forums sponsored by McKesson, National Association of Children's Hospitals, HIMSS, College of Health Information Management Executives, Thomson Healthcare, Catholic Health East, MGMA, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Schering-Plough, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Merck-Medco, PhRMA, AHIP, Premier Inc. and many others. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan and is currently working on his Six Sigma Black Belt certification from the Juran Institute.

Karina Homme
Senior Director, Social Enterprise Transformation

Karina Homme is a dynamic Gov 2.0 thought leader and futurist. She is a strategically focused executive with more than 16 years of management consulting experience. As a senior director at Salesforce.com, Homme serves as a social enterprise transformation visionary and a success advisor for the public sector. Together with U.S. federal agency clients, she facilitates building future government and designs dynamic social enterprise roadmaps. She works directly with senior executives and their organizations to drive maximum business value and mission impact of government services leveraging a suite of Salesforce.com solutions.

Prior to Saleforce.com, Homme led a social computing strategy, communication and change management practice for federal government clients at Unisys Corporation. During her 10-year tenure, she facilitated the adoption of collaboration tools and innovation methods. Among other engagements, Homme led the strategic communications and user engagement efforts for the first government enterprise-wide cloud implementation at GSA. With TSA, she facilitated the design of an "Airport of the Future" pilot. Concurrently, Homme led Unisys' federal corporate strategy and market intelligence.

Homme holds a B.A. in international affairs and an M.A. in international transactions from George Mason University. She currently maintains both secret and top secret clearances.

Ross Katz
SpeakIt! Language Learning Games

Ross Katz is the founder of SpeakIt! Language Learning Games. After teaching English in China and acquiring fluency in Mandarin using Edtech study tools, Katz became convinced of the potential for technology to improve the experience and productivity of language learning, in addition to merely its accessibility. He thus sought to recreate all the beneficial aspects of an immersive experience in the real world without the emotional, physical and cultural challenges normally faced by visitors to a foreign country. SpeakIt! is a video game situated in a virtual world where feedback is immediate and directed at player comprehension and engagement, but tasks and contexts represent those faced by people in real life. Prior to starting SpeakIt!, Katz joined 2U, the leading partner for top universities in online higher education, as a member of its analytics team, where he built quantitative models to predict and improve student outcomes.

Mark Waser
Digital Wisdom Institute

Mark Waser serves as the CTO of the Digital Wisdom Institute, a D.C.-based nonprofit devoted to the advancement of machine sentience and ethical artificial intelligence (AI). Waser has more than 20 years of experience in software systems design and development in a variety of applications including artificial intelligence. He has developed systems ranging from an expert system shell and builder for lease evaluation for a major financial institution to a neural network evaluating medical images for the Air Force.

Waser has an M.S.E from the University of Pennsylvania in artificial intelligence and has studied at the doctoral level at George Mason University in machine learning and human decision-making. Waser is leading the Institute's effort to develop a self-reflective gamified crowd-sourcing platform for building advanced multi-faceted modular models. These models will contain embedded tools for recursive bootstrapping towards automated discovery and eventual self-enhancement. The project harnesses collective intelligence, crowdsourcing and gamification to enhance the processes of search/discovery. It will also enable software creation/construction for the purposes of research and development in the fields of intelligence, economics, ethics and wisdom. It is currently focused on gamifying methods for collaboratively representing multiple points of view and determining value/utility across them as well as tools that facilitate synergy via enhanced propagation of diversity.